Shuuga is a location-based advertising and deal notification platform for mobile smartphones. Shuuga is a cost effective, self-help, easy-to-use solution for Retailers and is FREE for mobile users.

Shuuga is a leading content management platform and mobile smartphone advertising application currently available for iPhone and Android devices. Suited to both bricks & mortar as well as online Retailers, Shuuga is an efficient, affordable and dynamic location-based mobile marketing solution ideal for Merchants of all industries.
From within the Shuuga app or simply scanning a QR code presented in-store, mobile users are able to add favourite stores and retail categories to their Shuuga profile and set a geo-fence area to get instant notifications when new products, deals, freebies, coupons or other news is released within a specified range.

Whether you are a Retailer looking to increase foot-fall to your store locations or grow traffic to your online shop, Shuuga is an ideal, affordable and effective solution.

To learn more about Shuuga or download the app, go to:

Social Information Grabber (SIG) is a powerful tool to help Retailers and Brands leverage their Social presence by rewarding their subscribers for advocating their business or brand within the Facebook environment.

SIG is a cloud-based, CRM plug-in technology for corporate Facebook pages. The SIG engine analyses customer-brand interactions on Facebook and assigns a ‘score’ to each action e.g. likes, shares, check-ins & referrals may each earn the subscriber varying levels of ‘points’. Scores are totalled in a subscribers reward balance that they can then redeem at a determined ‘balance’ point for a reward e.g. 100 points might earn a subscriber vouchers, free item(s), entry to competitions, Facebook badges or other.

The Facebook ecosystem is founded on powerful principles of connections and networks where word of mouth recommendations come highly valued. SIG is as a viral, Facebook communication rewards tool that gives-back to users when they choose to participate as an advocate of a Retailer or Brand Facebook message.

DealOnit is a white label ‘Daily Deal Site’ platform solution for medium-to-large retail chains and franchise businesses looking to create their own online deal-site ecosystem. The DealOnit platform is a full end-to-end offering to retailers including online advertising, transaction processing, billing, coupon generation, delivery and redemption.
As the ‘Groupon daily deal-site phenomenon’ continues to gain traction, larger retailers are looking to develop and integrate their own deals offerings to leverage and extend their brand and support various strategies from loss leading eye-ball and new customer generation to excess stock and service-capacity offloading.

The DealOnit platform includes a host of CMS and other online and mobile leveraged technologies running on a scalable Magento back-end.  The package offer includes a fully integrated and functional Facebook application, Customer iPhone App, Customer Android App, Customer Mobile optimised site & Merchant iPhone coupon scanning application (QR code Scan2Pay technology).

The DealOnit platform is offered as a fully branded and customisable white label solution to Retailers. See the static demo site at:

OnitTix is an online ticketing platform and on-device ticket redemption solution. Onit Media are further developing and enhancing of OnitTix solution following the successful proof of concept launch of the application platform at the Vodafone NZ Christmas Carnival 2011.

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